DOORS NOW OPEN! Crowned With Purpose With Bestselling Author & Life Strategist Angela Aja
I HAVE ONE Mission...
I Help Successful Women Re-Ignite Their Passions, Re-Awaken Their Potential & Re-Connect to Their Purpose 
Without Just Going Through the Motions
this works even if you HAve been distracted by the demands of everyday life...
the result is A COnfident womAn showing up in the world, fearlessly... 
to make a bigger impact!
My gift to you FREE ($497 Value!)
How would your life be different... if you could:
  • ​Re-connect to  your God-given PURPOSE  & tap into your call - without being distract by the demands of others, the tyranny of the urgent or the mundane tasks of everyday life?
  • ​If you really knew who you are, why you're here and what you're here to do and lived in your SWEET SPOT?
  • ​Re-ignite your PASSIONS and live in your ZONE OF GENIUS - to do what lights your soul on fire?
  • ​Re-awaken your POTENTIAL and think at your NEXT LEVEL before you even get there?
  • ​Be guided by a sense of MISSION and VISION that summons you to a life of significance and fulfillment? 
  • ​Be led by your CORE VALUES and make decisions without 2nd-guessing yourself?
  • ​Be MOTIVATED by destiny instead of wandering aimlessly through life?

Successful women are busy doing good things but they often question, "What's my purpose?" 

I get it...many times a successful woman becomes who she is supposed to be rather than who she was created to be. She tirelessly works to fit into the mold that has been passed down to her through the generations. It's too easy fo her to bury her deepest desires and longings, convincing herself that she do not matter. Her lips utter the dreaded “F” word… “I’m FINE.”  

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in the day to day grind, driven by the demands of others or by the tyranny of the urgent! 

It can be maddening for her to feel like life has been diminished to a circus act, just trying to keep all of the plates spinning in the air without crashing down.
She says to herself, "There's got to be more to life than this... "
But, then guilt raises it's ugly head and says, "Who are you to want MORE, when life is GOOD ENOUGH???" 

Society conditions little girls to stay on the hamster wheel of life, just trying to make everyone else happy...and yet all the while, she loses her joy... 

Instead of feeling responsible for making everyone else happy, it is possible  be responsible for getting to know who you are under the layers of masks that you've piled on top of your true identity... 

If this sounds familiar, it's not your fault... BUT it IS your responsibility to take strategic action and create a real SHIFT

Many self-help and personal-development gurus talk about the importance of self-love...
and I am in absolute agreement...BUT, you can't love what you don't know! 

Self-awareness and self-love are not selfish...they the foundations of a life of intention and impact. Getting to know who you are underneath the conditioning, masks and labels is PARAMOUNT to even the basics of loving yourself. 

There's no doubt about it...
Knowing where to START, peeling back the layers and unearthing the real YOU can be overwhelming,  debilitating and frankly...SUPER SCARY.

 What if no one likes the real me?
 What if I get rejected for speaking up?
 I'm so used to life being HARD and the "hustle" has become normal.
 I've tried before and failed, so what if it happens again?
 I feel stuck in a rut and I don't see a way.
  When something good happens, sometimes I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I can totally relate...
If we haven't met yet, my name is Angela Aja...
I remember not so long ago...
I had built my identity around what I DID versus who am at my core...and then, seemingly overnight, what I DID went away! When the faulty foundations that I had built my identity on began to crack and crumble, I went through an IDENTITY CRISIS of EPIC proportions! It stripped me of my confidence and left me questioning my purpose.
I had been busy and I had been successful but something had been missing...ME
When the dust settled, I realized that I had spent my life trying to make everyone else happy, yet sacrificed my own joy. I remember crying to my mom one day saying, "I don't even feel like I fit in my own life."
It was at that moment when I realized that I was ready to come back home to take a deep dive into the essence of who God had created me to discover my purpose and create a significant SHIFT in my life.
I hired a coach...she helped me stop merely SURVIVNG and start THRIVING. I was able to design a life of significance, fulfillment and true joy while honoring the call on my life that had been there all along. My coach told me...
"You can design a life that makes you feel like celebrating!"
I started studying and digging and journaling and listening to every CD, podcast and on-line training that I could get my hands on.  I discovered something that changed my life forever...

What?! I can really like myself and use my story to bring God glory? serving people with my gifts and calling? I don't have to hide in shame, feeling embarrased about my story? Is it really possible for me to live with true authenticity without needing other people to give me permission to thrive???

I started honoring who God had created me to be without feeling like I had to fit into anyone else's mold. I started asking for what I wanted and taking a stand for ME all while honoring other people. I tapped into a new level of self-awareness, self-appreciation and self-love. My life started to change. Instead of being needy in my relationships, I started showing up with the purpose of giving more and adding more value. I started taking responsibility for my own happiness which took the pressure off of other people...

I felt a deeper level of significance, and felt so fulfilled in my life that it unlocked a new sense of JOY...I busted through those old survival mindsets that had been keeping me stuck and spinning my wheels. I connected to my purpose and defined my mission, vision and core values. My value and self-worth began to erupt which strengthened my self-esteem and exploded my confidence. 

So THAT's why I created... CROWNED WITH PURPOSE, a 12 week Coaching Intensive for the woman who is ready to connect to her God-given purpose, tap into her personal power and live a more impactful life that feels deeply meaningful and fulfilling.
Crowned with Purpose
This Step-by-Step  Solution Is For the Woman Who is Ready to 
Connect to Her God-given Purpose, Tap Into Her Personal Power, and Live a More Impactful Life That Feels Deeply Meaningful, in 90 Days or Less
  • 12 Weeks of Coaching and Accountability incorporating The Six Pillars of Purpose™ Method
  • ​Life Purpose Portfolio - Once you have defined your purpose, display all of the components of your Purpose Portfolio onto a beautifully designed, displayable Life Purpose Manifesto for focused, intentional and strategic action.
BONUS #1 - “The 5-Minute Mindset Shift” System  ($1,794 Value - FREE)

So that you are able to unlock unstoppable confidence, FAST! (without adding another thing to your never-ending “to-do” list...) This system works for ANYONE! Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you are CAPABLE of choosing a more powerful perspective, in just minutes…with this EXCLUSIVE training.

BONUS #2 – The Value & Worth Enhancement Initiator™  ($1,499 Value - FREE)

This training will walk you through a process of enhancing your value and self-worth, immediately. You will give yourself permission and learn to stop seeking validation from other people. No more people-pleasing, procrastinating or perfectionism!

You've got this, Girl!

BONUS #3 - Personal Power Optimizer™  ($1,709 Value - FREE)

So that you will be able to locate your IPB (Internal Power-Base), stripping your past, the opinions of others and even your negative self-talk from the power to keep you stuck and spinning your wheels! Your personal power resides in your ability to influence your own thoughts, patterns and emotions; your own past, present and future. With this method, I teach you how to take a stand for you while honoring others, create win/win opportunities and ask for what you want without feeling selfish.


...And As if That Wasn't ENOUGH...You'll Also Get These...
MEGA BONUS: “The Instant Abundance Power-Scripting Formula” ™ 

This is a powerful “money mindset re-set” course so that you are able to unlock a new level of abundance. Never let money hold you back from pursuing your purpose again. You will use this formula to rewrite your old money story and obliterate financial roadblocks and RESET your Inner Abundance Thermometer. It’s time to unlock the abundance that is already inside of you! 

MEGA BONUS: The Ultimate Clarity Generator™ 

So that you are able to unearth unprecedented clarity to step into your highest calling and design a path from purpose to profit. This market research method will help you dig deep and design a path to impact as you live in hot-pursuit of your purpose.

MEGA BONUS: Instant Access to My Crowned Jewel Society (Priceless)

So that you can connect to synergistic sisterhood and community with women who are connecting to their purpose, just like you. You'll feel supported as you engage with women and hold each other accountable to your dreams and desires.

MEGA BONUS: The Life-Changing "Summoned to Soar" Bundle

You'll get a free download of the E-Book, Audio Book and Study-Guide of this life-changing, best-selling book is a real-world handbook for women whose life didn't turn out as expected. This book will inspire you to rise up and surrender to the full process of development and turn your pain into purpose. Your story can be used to bring God glory while bringing hope and healing to the world.

What Are The Six Pillars of Purpose™?

  • Re-frame Your Mindsets
  • Re-script the Narrative You've Been Telling Yourself
  • Re-estabilsh Your Intrinsic Core Values
  • ​Re-ignite Your Passions
  • ​Re-awaken Your Potential
  • ​Re-connect to Your Purpose

You'll Feel Equipped & Empowered to Re-Invent Your Life With the 
Clarity, Confidence & Courage to Step Into Your Call

Crowned With Purpose Will Help You Create a Life You Love
Inside the System You'll Learn:
  • ​How to SHIFT out of Surviving and Into Thriving 
  • ​Ways to Overcome Fear, Obliterate Mental Roadblocks & more
  • ​Tools that Help You Track Your Progress to Keep You Focused Without Being Distracted by "the Shiny Obeject Syndrome"
  • ​How to Step Into Alignment with Your PURPOSE & Feel a Sense of Significance and Fulfillment
  • ​Go from Inspiration to Implementation with Actionable Worksheets and Homework to Get You Moving Forward FAST
  • ​Be Supported with Accountablity and Partnership...YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE!
Unlike other programs, Crowned with Purpose is a coaching intensive where Coach Angela walks you through the process of scripting your personal MISSION, VISION and PURPOSE don't have to figure it out on your own!

...and then she helps you extract your INTRINSIC CORE VALUES, trust your gut, how to make decions without 2nd guessing yourself.

As if that wasn't enough, she will show you exactly how to locate your PASSIONS and POTENTIAL WITHOUT having to wait for permission or validation from someone else...

This is all accomplished with group accountability and 1-on-1 guidance.

Crowned With Purpose will give you INSIGHT not JUST information, to go from inspiration to implementation.

So say goodbye to wondering and wandering about what you should be doing, say goodbye to thousands of different gurus telling you different things, and say to hello to the guidance and coaching you've been longing for. 
Stepping into Crowned with Purpose means...
You will dramatically reduce the TIME it takes to learn how to live with purpose and intention, feel more confident and create a life that has deep meaning.

So often we can head down a direction that isn't at the intersection of our SWEET SPOT & SERVICE. We can start towards a dream... only to be distracted by "shiny object syndrome" or the tyranny of the urgent.

Crowned With Purpose will help you clarify who you are, why you're here and what you are here to do.

"I was able to reinvent my life and career after following this Blueprint..."

This program helped me tremendously in sorting through all of the areas of my life that needed both healing and clarity, so that I could move forward and connect to my true purpose and God-given passion in my personal, family and professional life. 
I highly recommend Angela's program for people who are faced with any life change or are at a crossroads, and for those of you who are willing to put in the deep emotional and mental work necessary to achieve results." Lauren Battistini, Cheif Color Strategist
Who This System Is For:
  • Passionate and heart-centered women who are leaders in their homes, communites and businesses
  • Sick of staying stuck and spinning your wheels when it seems like you've worked so hard
  • Ready to dive in and actually do the work that is required 
  •  You are COACHABLE...Willing to learn new things, try new skills and have an attitude of 'fun-experimentation'
 Who It is Not For:
Deep down you don't really want to do what it takes
You are super skeptical that online business is for people who lack integrity
You are not ready to dive in and actually do the work that is required 
You are impatient and want to blame other people or circumstances for where you are
❌... then this is not for you.

 "Helping us get our message out to more, so we can help more..."

"Angela's programs are helping us get our message out to more people, so we can serve, heal and restore them to LIFE like never before." —Dr. Jamie Marshall D.C., Chiropractor
It's Time to Live YOUR Dream
This will help you achieve the life of your DREAMS.
What's awesome about this system is it works to help you discover your purppose—no matter what it is. 

No matter what impact you want to make on the planet...

These principles work. You don't have to have stay stuck any longer! 
This practical plan will help you accomplish what God has put in your heart to do.

This is a worthwhile journey no matter what stage of life you are in.
You will find what’s going to make you happy.

Bring great clarity toward your mission, vision &  purpose today by becoming Crowned With Purpose.

"Get ready to be empowered to discover and be the woman God has created you to be!"

God’s grace, together with Angela’s voice, helped me to feel HOPE for my future in this life and realize that what the enemy would have me believe are weaknesses in me were incredible storehouses of strength! Instead of feeling aimless, my life is now driven by destiny; instead of drowning in waves of doubt and self-defeat, I now feel I can rise above the waves with the power of my voice; instead of living in uncertainty, I’m living my best life, guided my my mission and values! I’m so thankful for Angela and her ministry and recommend her wholeheartedly to any woman struggling to find her purpose or finding herself in the middle of pain.  —Davida Freeze, Missionary 
What's Inside:
Module 1: How to Gain Unprecedented Clarity
  • Accurately Assess What Stage of Your Journey You Are In
  • Determine What Where You Want to Go
  •  Decipher What the Barriers Are to Creating the Life of Your Dreams
  •  Awaken Dormant Dreams with Dream Building 101
Module 2: How to Step Into Your Personal Power
  • Create a Compelling Vision That Is Bigger Than Where You Are Now
  • Live as a “Human Being vs. a “Human Doing"
  •  How to Own Your Personal Power and Release the Victim
  •  What Are You Committed to Cause? What Invitation Are You?
Module 3: How to Create Major AHA's and SHIFT 
  •  Become Deeply Aware of Your Mindsets 
  •  Uncover Mental and Emotional Roadblocks & Bust Through Them With Ease
  •  Increase Discover What's Standing in the Way of Your Vision
Module 4: How to Live In the Moment
  • Reality vs. Fantasy
  • Distinguish Feedback from Criticism and Gain Powerful Insight for Growth
  •  Let Go of Smokescreens Like Blame, Shame and Guilt
  •  Understand the Difference Between “Responsibility to” and “Responsibility for”
Module 5: How to Unlock a Whole New Treasure Chest of Possibilites
  •  Create a Whole New Reality Worth Celebrating
  •  Discover the Treasures You've Been Overlooking All Along
  •  Unlock Hidden Possibiites
  •  Increase Your Possibilities with the Power of Interdependence
Module 6: How to Unearth the Treasure Within & Reveal Who Are You at Your Core
  •  You'll Begin to Unearth Who You Are at Your Core
  •  You'll Learn How to Distinguish Between Your Thoughts and Their Thoughts
  •  You'll Discover Your Likes & Dislikes 
  •  ​You'll Be Able to Answer the Question "What Do I Want?"
Module 7: How to Excavate Your Intrinsic Core Values
  • You'll Learn What Core Values Are & Why It's Imperative to Be Guided By Them
  •  You'll Learn How to Release Values That Don't Belong to You & Come Into Alignment With Your Core Values
  •  You'll Begin the Process of Designing Your Identity Manifesto
Module 8: How to Determine Your
Personal Passion & Potential
  •  What Lights Your Fire and What Are You Capable Of
  •  How to Know What Makes You SAY YES
  • Discover What Lies Within Your Realm of Possibility So That You Can Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
Module 9: How to Answer the Age-old Question, "What's My Purpose?" Once & For All
  •  You'll Learn How to Unlock What’s Been Buried Deep Within All Along
  •  Finding a Guide Step-by-Step to Answer the Age-old Question, "What's My Purpose" Once & For All
  • Learn How to Integrate Your Purpose Into Everyday Life So That You Can Live With Deep Authenticity 
Module 10: How to Script a Powerful Mission Statement That Summons You to a Life of
Significance & Fulfillment
  •  You'll Understand the Power of a Mission Statement to Keep You Living With Intention
  •  Find the Answer to the Question, "Why am I Here and WHo Do I Serve?"
  • You'll Be Guided Step-by Step As You Design a Mission Statement That Directs Your Path
Module 11: How to Script a Compelling Vision Statement That Keeps You Focused
  •  Understand Why a Vision Statement is Imperative to a Life of Significance
  •  Find and Incorporate the Power of Intention and Focus in Your Everyday Life
  • ​You'll Be Guided Step-by Step as You Script a Vision Statement That Moves You From Inspiration to Action
Module 12: How to Go From Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting
  •  You'll Set Goals That Are in Alignment With Who You Are at Your Core
  •  Find SMART Goals That Light Your Soul on Fire 
  • ​You'll Learn How to Calendar Your Goals to Goal From Dreaming to Doing

"I would have paid double for everything that happened..."

"I was doing good things but I was feeling lost. I had a great job, volunteered and teaching Bible Study but felt totally lost!  I discovered my purpose, I now have focus and I am pursuing my passions! I now love every part of me."
"  Cori Blake, Blogger and Comedian

"As a child I believed I could do anything..."

"As a child I believed I could do anything - that I was made for greatness. But then life happened and rocked that belief to it's core. I experienced setback after setback. Through this amazing experience, I reconnected with my feelings of greatness, identified my values and found my purpose again! —Silvia Gale, Certified Grief Specialist
Who This is For?

>Women who are action-takers, not blame-orientated.
>Women who want to live with confidence at their core and they are ready to show up in their lives in a BIG way.
>Women who want to signifcantly IMPACT others with their message, rather than just live an ordinary life.

If that’s you, book a session now. 
Why I Do This...
Because I love you! And I want to encourage you in what I know can feel like a long and lonely road. I have been there and it is my passion to help women rise up and live their best lives.

Spaces are very limited - sign up now!

Wishing you enourmous blessings & extravagant success,
How Does Crowned With Purpose Work?
Crowned With Purpose is a 12-week coaching intensive that is accomplish in a small-group setting on Zoom. With Coach Angela's undivided attention, she will guide you through the process of identifying your old survival mindsets, shifting them into life-giving mindsets to get you moving forward faster. She will also help you identify your purpose and intrinsic core values, script a powerful, persoanl mission and vision statement as well as discover your passions and unlock a new level of potentil. All of this is rounded out as she teaches you a new way of setting strategic goals that are in alignment with who you are at your core.  (All lessons are inside of a membership portal that you will have lifetime access to.)

This program works for ANYONE who commits to the process, does the weekly homework and attends the weekly calls.
How Do the Coaching Intensives Take Place and What If I'm Not Tech Savvy
Weekly sessions are easily accessible on Zoom and the course work is housed inside of an easily accessible, on-line membership portal that you will have lifetime access to. Even if you are not technigolical savvy, Coach Angela and her team of experts will make sure you get set up and ready to go. You're not in this alone. Homework is done privatley, through the week, as preparation for the weekly sessions. 

This process is so DOABLE and will leave you feeling a great sense of accomlishment.
How Long Does It Take to Go Through the Program?
Crowned With Purpose typically takes 12 weeks, one hour a week. As busy women, Coach Angela takes into consideration that life happens and provides opportunities for missed sessions to easily be made up for. 
How Long Will it Take Before I Start to See Results?
While results are not guarenteed, many of Coach Angela's clients start to feel a weight lifted off of their shoulders after one session. Many have reported that they notice changes in their relationships and they feel much more confident after the first few sessions. Positive outcomes are a direct result of a coachee's commitment to doing the homework and showing up for the weekly sessions. 

Coach Angela's clients have been able to see results that are nothing short of a miracle. One client made her investment back 30 times over within the 12 weeks. Another client got off of 4 of her 6 medications and lost 25 pounds within the 12 weeks. Other results include one woman who met her dream man, another found her dream job and another even wrote and published her book - a lifelong dream.
What are Angela's professional qualifications?
Angela is an Ordained Minister with a 40-year  ministry background, a Certified Life Coach and the best-selling author of Summoned to Soar - Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman. She is a super-supporter of women who feel the call to rise up and soar to new heights; coaching over 1,000 hours, mentoring women to be leaders in their own lives, organizations and communities. She is a mother of four and self-proclaimed "Glammaw" of four precious grand-babies. You can check her out here:   
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